Non-profit Organization worth exploring

May. 29, 2015

Canadian Headstones

One non-profit organization I got involved with was Canadian Headstones. Their mission is to capture digital images and the complete transcription of headstones of our ancestors.

Cemeteries fascinate me, and during an annual memorial service I was attending at our local cemetery, they mentioned a website called Canadian Headstones. Of course, when I got home, I quickly got on my computer and brought it up.

Their website is very well organized and very simple to use. You can search headstones by Province and for a more narrowed search, you can continue to search by county, and by cemetery name.

I noticed while on the site that they were looking for volunteers to help take photos of cemeteries. This to me, sounded like fun (I'm really not morbid). I emailed to ask for a bit of additional information and found a cemetery that wasn't yet photographed. It took me a few trips, but I finished the task, and I uploaded the photos onto their website along with the transcriptions. After another volunteer checked the photos over, they were added to the website.

If you are researching family history, or you are looking to volunteer your time to a worthy cause, I recommend giving Canadian Headstones a go.

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Page Wilson