Community Garage Sale Day

May. 30, 2015

The Mission For Fun

I was so ecstatic to hear about two upcoming Community Garage Sales -- another great way for me and my youngest to tour our surrounding neighbourhoods. We would jump in my car and wander up and down the local streets looking for great treasures, or at least something we liked enough to take home.

What? Chance of thunderstorms? No way! I crossed my fingers that it wouldn't pour on our mission for fun.

The big day came, and no sign of rain (yet). My youngest and I got ourselves ready, and out the door we went. The idea was to start at one end of the neighbourhood and make our way to the other side -- or at least go at it until we had our fill.

It turned out to be a great morning. We roamed around from street to street, stopping whenever we saw piles of treasures loaded up on tables just waiting to be explored. Almost every stop we made, we picked out one little fun item to purchase. We didn't find any priceless lost treasures, but we did find our fun.

Our neighbours were all friendly, full of smiles and today we enjoyed one more Page.

Kind regards

Page Wilson